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Technical features and applications

Technical features and applications:

- Cable contains 1 ÷ 4 single mode fiber according to G.652D or G.657A standard.

- The cable is designed small diameter, compact and light, easy to install, handle, transport, suitable indoor and outdoor.

- Applications for systems:

+ Local area network

+ Subscriber Network

+ Internal information

- The specifications of the cable meet ITU-T G.652D, ITU-T G.657A, TCN 68-160: 1996, TCVN 6745: 2000, TCVN 8665: 2011, TCVN 8696: 2011 and IEC. EIA.

Technical features and applications:

- From 2 to 288 SMF fiber.

- Waterproofing technology, Drycore, water penetration and moisture penetration best.

- Small diameter, compact and light in diameter, easy to install, handle and transport.

- High strength is based on the galvanized steel wire braided together.

- The cable is designed for use:

+ Local area network

+ Subscriber Network

+ Internal information system

+ Long distance communication system.

- The cable parameters meet TCN 68-160: 1996, TCVN 6745: 2000, TCVN 8665 and IEC, EIA.

- Number of fiber: From 6 fibers to 144 single mode fiber.

- The optical fibers are placed in a fluid-filled liquid casing (liquid tube) that helps the fiber to easily move inside the tube and protect the fiber from water penetration, external forces as well as changes. Of temperature.

- Optical fibers and fluid tubes are distinguished by the / TIA-598 standard color coding.

- The amount of fiber in a liquid tube, the number of tubes and fibers in the cable core is given in Table 1

Table 1: Regulation of number, color of liquid pipe and quantity of liquid pipe, fill for each type of cable


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